Why jewellery is the perfect pandemic pick-me-up

Why jewellery is the perfect pandemic pick-me-up

Buying jewellery during the coronavirus pandemic may seem frivolous, but is it really? Now more than ever, we need a little joy in our lives – not to mention some beauty and sparkle. People are bored, stuck at home and yearn for the kind of distraction that Netflix can’t provide.

 The Los Angeles Times reported that the sale of luxury jewellery has taken an upturn as restrictions hamper other areas of life, such as travel. Money that would usually be spent on holidays and social occasions can now go towards a stunning piece of jewellery that will outlast the pandemic.

 You don’t have to be too extravagant when splashing out on some top-tier treasures. Couture jewellery boasts all the originality and quality of luxury pieces that you won’t find on the high street. It’s also at a lower price point than fine jewellery, which makes it both accessible and exclusive.

Express yourself while treating yourself

 As people have become “corona casual” in their fashion, they’re also adding some bling with statement jewellery. There has never been a better time to treat yourself to a bespoke statement piece. These are the days when you have a green light to leave your fashion comfort zone and get creative and expressive while staying in your physical comfort zone (your home).

 High-quality couture jewellery gives you more freedom to experiment than ultra-expensive fine jewellery. You can choose from any number of original creative pieces… perhaps a lobster dangling from your ear blowing aquamarine crystals. Or a distinctive topaz scarab brooch to draw attention to your neckline? There are so many ways to enliven your wardrobe without buying brand-new outfits.

Business people and employees are still dressing to impress – even if it is just their top halves. An increase in video calls has meant necklaces and earrings are the jewellery of choice for 2020. Whether you’re attending a virtual conference, participating in a weekly team meeting or even having a group chat with friends, jewellery can help you show off your good taste.

Besides helping you feel good, beautifully crafted couture jewellery is a great conversation starter. Even while you’re stuck at home, you can show the world your fabulous taste and express your personality on social media. What better way to show your unique style than with a lobster pendant chain necklace adorned with Swarovski diamonds – not something you see every day!

A symbol of love, friendship and commitment

We might be in the middle of a pandemic, but life goes on. People still want to celebrate special occasions. There are birthdays, anniversaries, engagements and other celebrations happening, and jewellery continues to be a physical symbol of love and friendship. Jewellery makes a thoughtful gift and helps you demonstrate how well you know someone. It can be a fun or intimate gift depending on what you buy. Whether you give a casual and creative leather lobster bracelet to a friend or gift a luxury gold swan ring to a romantic partner, jewellery can express any emotion.

These challenging times have brought out the best in some people as they help struggling friends and family. A pretty piece of jewellery could be a generous and heart-felt thank you gift to show your appreciation.

A focus on more meaningful pieces

The pandemic has forced us to slow down whether we like it or not. It’s a daily reminder of the fragility of life and encourages people to live in the moment and find joy in small yet meaningful things. We’ve had more time to contemplate our lives and relationships, and our priorities are changing. The focus is now on craftsmanship, originality and design. We place a higher value on things we feel emotionally invested in.

Jewellery is a financial and sentimental investment. This is why Sonia Petroff pieces are designed to be treasured and stand the test of time. We hope our customers have the same piece in their collection in 20-30 years. In the post-pandemic world, women will value a beautiful long-lasting statement piece over fast fashion and seasonal trends.

We’ve seen how a change in human routines has cut pollution and allowed wildlife to thrive. Slow fashion can play a similar role as people make fewer (but more meaningful) jewellery purchases. High-quality, handcrafted designs are versatile enough to be worn time and time again. They also provide the feel-good factor because you are playing your part in protecting the environment.

Safe to buy and safe to keep

Luxury costume jewellery can be safely bought online without risking going into busy stores. The bonus is that you don’t need to keep your sparkling new jewels in a safe when you’re at home all the time. Investing in couture designs is a treat for now and an investment for the future. As we emerge from lockdown and restrictions on socialising ease, you’ll have gorgeous new accessories to wear for years to come.

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