Croce Necklace

from £495.00

Swan Necklace

from £720.00

Eye Necklace

from £230.00

Eye Choker

from £250.00

Lobster Necklace

from £170.00

Dragonfish Necklace

from £370.00

Aries Choker

from £250.00

Dragonfish Necklace

from £360.00

Classic Eye Choker

from £395.00

Classic Eye Choker

from £395.00

Classic Eye Choker

from £395.00

Lobster Pendant Necklace
Sold out
Moonflower Belt

from £656.30

Liana Choker

from £680.00

Pavone Necklace

from £570.00

A statement necklace has the power to transform your look in seconds. Whether it’s a bold and colourful choker or a vintage-inspired pendant on a gold chain, there’s a Sonia Petroff necklace to elevate every outfit.

Our handmade necklaces are sustainably created with the highest quality materials and feature unique designs that are sure to turn heads. Treat yourself or someone special to a luxury costume necklace that exudes opulence and originality.

Ageless and elegant, Sonia Petroff’s designs transcend seasons. For designer necklaces that will add vibrancy to your summer outfits and take you right through winter, look no further. Daytime or evening, subtle sophistication or dramatic costume statement — it’s all here. 

Taking inspiration from the abundant colours and forms of nature, and combining that with experience with leading fashion houses, Sonia Petroff created iconic designs that stand the test of time. Our exclusive capsule collection brings these timeless accessories to light once more and has been featured in Vogue, Vanity Fair, Tatler, and Elle. 

Daywear and evening outfits can benefit from the addition of a Sonia Petroff design. From our Eye Luxury Necklaces that showcase bold simulated gemstones and seventies boho chic to our Swan Costume Statement Necklace that glitters unashamedly with Swarvoski diamonds, find the finishing touch for your ensemble.