Who was Sonia?

Sonia Petroff

A true individualist, Sonia Petroff was effortlessly chic, strikingly beautiful and full of natural elegance. Adventurous and world travelled in an age when that was not the norm, Sonia was strong, confident and feminine - just like her designs. Sonia established her own brand and worked as a private jewellery designer for many of the great fashion houses.

Her aesthetic is deeply rooted in the abundant colours and forms of nature. Her designs make a uniquely glamorous statement that can be worn at any occasion.

At last the time has come for Sonia Petroff’s singular design vision to be recognised. Sonia, half smiling, half hiding in the rhododendron bushes beckons us to follow.

Bees buzz past, butterflies flutter by.

Entranced we follow her secret path through the green wall to an Italian wonderland full of nature’s most vibrant expression.

Portrait of Sonia Petroff

Here in Sonia’s magical garden walled terraces descend gracefully to the blue Mediterranean. In the hot golden sun insects flirt from flower to flower.
Exotic botanicals project sweet aromas in a riot of colour and shape. On the breath of a sea breeze birds swoop with paradise tails. Dragonflies dart over lily pad pools and lazy schools of gawping fish break the surface with blowsy, billowing fins.
Everything that crawls and creeps, jumps, flutters, flies, leafs, blooms, fruits and seeds are drawn to her and held in her gaze. Outlines of their essential shapes are drawn in gold. Their dance is captured in delicate layersand sylvan curves.
Their colours crystallized to radiant jewels and stones. Leafy fingers become fine leather bands. Sun on the water becomes wavy gold.
Texture of feathers, stained glass of butterfly wings, symmetry of reptilian scales, beaks, talons, tongues and eyes, each embossed, designed, refined and rendered to be worn as exotic mementos of the most exquisite flora and fauna.

This is the vision that sustained the work of Sonia Petroff for over four decades. And now for the first time you can experience the exotic beauty and glamour of Sonia Petroff Couture Jewellery in a limited-edition capsule collection.