Our exclusive designer anklets exude the warmth and glow of summer on the Italian Riviera and elevate any outfit. Whether you team them with a classic pure cotton dress or a pair of glamorous heels, our luxury costume anklets will be sure to attract compliments. 

Worn by cultures around the world for centuries, anklets are admired for their femininity, connection with good fortune, and strength disguised as delicacy. Our designer anklets embrace this provenance while incorporating signature Sonia Petroff motifs inspired by the natural world. Wear your luxury, couture anklet as a stand-alone statement piece or pair it with our matching bracelets and earrings for a bold, confidently original look.

You might want to choose an anklet featuring one statement design— perhaps you prefer your jewellery in a classic, minimal style. Alternatively, you can opt for a truly eye-catching design adorned with precious stones and Swarovski diamonds. Intricate metalwork and 24-carat gold overlay give each piece an exquisite finish. And just like the rest of the Sonia Petroff collection, our luxury costume anklets are sustainably made by our talented artisans in Italy. 

The Sonia Petroff luxury anklet collection is perfect for those looking for a unique chain, gold plated, or Swarovski anklet to last a lifetime. Made for adventurous, elegant, and powerful women, our designer anklets will bring an understated touch of glamour and individuality every time they are worn.