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Michelle de Biolley's Autumnal Edit

This month Michelle, the founder of the lifestyle brand Almost Essential, selects 5 pieces from our current collections which she says will lift your spirits, whether your buying for yourself or a friend in need

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Why jewellery is the perfect pandemic pick-me-up

Buying jewellery during the coronavirus pandemic may seem frivolous, but is it really? Now more than ever, we need a little joy in our lives – not to mention some beauty and sparkle. People are bored, stuck at home and yearn for the kind of distraction that Netflix can’t provide.

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Sonia’s Sign: A Cancerian Paradox

In seeking to unpack the fascinating world of Sonia Petroff, the late designer and original founder of our brand, we have of course, her memory, preserved by Maria Leoni-Sceti, who is married to Sonia’s nephew and revived the present-day house. 

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Sonia & The Cities

As this is the first post to delve a little bit into the incredible story of Sonia Petroff, we thought about the elements that defined the peripatetic her best: travel, independence and creation.

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