Valentine’s Day: How to Buy Jewellery for the Special Woman in Your Life

Valentine’s Day: How to Buy Jewellery for the Special Woman in Your Life

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, so you’re probably seeking the perfect gift for the lady in your life. As you know, diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but so are sapphires, pearls and a whole range of sparkly accessories.

While jewellery is the ultimate gift to express how much you value the special woman in your life, buying it can be incredibly daunting. Knowing what to buy is as much about how well you know the other person as it is knowing the type of jewellery they prefer. A pair of gold earrings. A silver swan ring. An emerald bracelet. The choices are plentiful, but what jewellery would she cherish?

In the middle of another lockdown, you might be wondering if there’s any point in buying bling this year. Well, we’re here to remind you that pretty, sparkly cheer is more important than ever right now. Just because we can’t go out, doesn’t mean we can’t go big... and even a tiny bit glamorous.

As it turns out, the growth in online shopping is a major advantage for inexperienced jewellery shoppers. It’s easier than ever to do some research and take the time to choose something meaningful. Our handy guide to stress-free jewellery shopping will give you the confidence to find the perfect piece for Valentine’s Day.

Consider your budget

You don’t need a big budget to buy a thoughtful gift, but there are times – like Valentine’s Day – when you might want to splash out. As people dress down for lockdown, an attractive statement piece is enough to brighten any casual wardrobe. Bespoke jewellery lovingly crafted by the most talented designers is a much more meaningful gift than the generic ready-to-wear items found on the High Street.

Couture costume jewellery provides luxury without the blinding price tag of fine jewels.

It’s also incredibly versatile, fun and imaginative. It shows you admire that side of her personality and gives you the freedom to get creative! Switch precious stones with realistic alternatives and simulated gemstones. There’s absolutely no reason why Swarovski diamonds can’t also be a girl’s best friend. The only difference between Swarovski and mined diamonds is that they’re created in a laboratory, but they are still 100% diamonds.

Sonia Petroff’s handcrafted gold lobster bracelet is tastefully set with tiny Swarovski diamonds, but you’d never know they weren’t the real deal. We also use Swarovski diamonds to replace aquamarines to stunning effect in our matching lobster earrings.


Take a look at her taste and style

It doesn’t matter how expensive or loved by celebrities a piece of jewellery is, if your girlfriend doesn’t like it, she won’t wear it. Or worse, she’ll feel like she has to wear it in front of you even though she feels self-conscious. Clearly, this isn’t the most romantic situation!

When shopping for jewellery, you should get a feel for her style. Take note of what she wears and talks about. Where does she shop? Of course, we’re not suggesting you become a stalker, but watch her while you’re out and at home. What gets her attention? Does she admire certain clothes and accessories on her favourite TV shows? If you’re still not sure, consult information HQ – her friends. They are sure to know her style preferences better than anyone.

It's a matter of personal taste; her taste, not yours. Buy what she likes and feels comfortable in, not what you want to see her wearing. Jewellery is an extension of the wearer’s personality so don’t buy her chunky gold if her style is generally understated.

Costume jewellery and accessories are fun because they allow women to express different sides of their personalities. Sonia Petroff belts are so versatile they can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. She can wear them casually when carrying out everyday activities or dress to the nines later when the world returns to normal. Actress Phoebe Waller-Bridge demonstrated this perfectly when she wore our Aries belt to a TV awards ceremony in Los Angeles. Meanwhile, the same belt looks equally great paired with jeans.

Symbolism: Show her a sign

From ancient Rome to modern-day catwalks, jewellery and symbolism go hand in hand. Throughout history, people have used jewellery to express strength, love and a tapestry of other emotions. Used as good luck charms, protective talismans, and symbols of commitment and unity, jewellery is far from superficial.

Necklaces are inherently nostalgic. They represent a heart-mind connection with the pendant resting on the chest. Bracelets symbolise the infinite cycle of a relationship. Besides their practical and decorative use, belts represent holding and protecting a connection. They can also be adorned with gems that have individual meanings. Rubies are associated with passion, energy and power, while sapphires symbolise virtue, loyalty and wisdom.

Throughout history, designers have sought inspiration from the natural world. In ancient Egypt, scarab amulets symbolised immortality and protection, and they are still popular as brooches today. Likewise, Sonia Petroff’s signature motif, the lobster, is also connected to protection, as well as independence, transformation and regeneration. All women will relate to at least one of the themes of the resilient lobster.

Jewellery has the power to convey subtle and sometimes not-so-subtle messages. Perhaps you want her to know you’ll always be there for her (a ring) or that she’s close to your heart (a necklace). Earrings imply that you’re happy to lend an ear to listen, while a bracelet represents the strength of your bond. 

Remember your favourite moments together

Jewellery is like a memory. It reminds the wearer of when they received it and how it made them feel. At its deepest level, jewellery is infused with sentimental and secret meanings that can only be understood by the couple. Parrots could be a reminder of a trip to the tropics, while lobsters might bring back memories of special weekends at the seaside. Our Moonflower capsule collection can remind you of quiet moments gazing at the moon together. The moon is inherently dreamy and romantic and brings to mind expressions such as “honeymoon”, “promise the moon” and “love you to the moon and back”.

Celebrate romance

The most romantic day of the year, Valentine's Day, is associated with the colours of love: red and pink. A Valentine’s gift of pink and red jewels is ideal for the occasion. Take a look at our stunning ruby Eye Collection, with a choice of necklace, bracelet, earrings and choker, for inspiration. Alternatively, you can choose one of Sonia Petroff’s red and pink-hued belts, such as the romantic pink Swan design available in gold and silver. Other super romantic belts include the bejewelled burgundy leather Shield belt, the bold red Aries Statement belt and the eye-catching burgundy Seahorse belt.

If it’s your first time buying jewellery and you want to play it safe, a statement pendant is a good choice for something that’s designed to impress. Similarly, if you’re in the early stages of a relationship and worried about coming on too strong, just keep it simple. A bracelet can be wonderfully personal without implying the intimacy of a ring, necklace or earrings. It also shows that you care enough to get to know her. 

A Valentine’s gift to remember

We hope this has given you some ideas to find the right Valentine’s Day jewellery for the right person. Discover our new collection for some more inspiration.