How buying high-end could start your slow fashion journey

How buying high-end could start your slow fashion journey

Living a sustainable life doesn’t have to be as unattainable as it sounds; it is a process that is made up of finding small ways to make realistic improvements. It requires us all to consider certain aspects of how we choose to live and the kinds of products and businesses we choose to support. In this age of instant gratification and compulsive consumerism if we all thought about a simple thing such as the life of the items in our wardrobes or jewellery boxes we could see huge benefits for both the planet and our pockets.

The fashion industry is a major contributor to global pollution and with the production and distribution of clothing and jewellery contributing to water, air and soil pollution, this industry has become responsible for over 10 per cent of the world’s carbon footprint. In addition to concerns over sustainable practices, the luxury fashion industry, in particular, is associated with excessive consumerism and ‘guilty pleasures’, giving conscious consumers what seems like another reason to avoid it.

But this is changing. With millennials and Generation Z now driving 85 per cent of global luxury sales growth the expectation for luxury brands to be more aligned with their sustainable values has never been stronger. And we’re listening.

What happened to make do and mend?

Pre-industrial revolution, jewellery and accessories were produced and sourced locally and people would make purchases based on quality and durability. Now with fast fashion the norm, jewellery is so affordable and easily accessible that we have totally abandoned our inclination to ‘make do and mend’ or even purchase based on longevity. We’ve been taught to value low prices and a constant churn of new products and it is no longer sustainable.

Our focus is different. Livia Firth, the founder of Eco Age (an organisation which certifies brands for their sustainability) began the #30Wears campaign to encourage consumers to only buy an item if they can truthfully say they will wear it a minimum of 30 times. As a Sonia Petroff customer, your investment will be in a timeless piece that will see you through your whole life, adapting to your age and the way you dress and reflecting a culture that is concerned about what matters.

And who created the extra seasons?

Once the fashion world was focused around just two seasons, with brands bringing out two collections a year, one for Spring/Summer and one Autumn/Winter. Now there seems to be a never-ending array of seasons such as ‘cruise’, ‘pre-fall’ and ‘festival’ collections for consumers to keep up with. This acceleration of trends increases the pressure on people to own the latest thing and brands are having to manufacture more and more lines to keep up with demand and stay relevant. This only serves to fuel unsustainable practices and encourage a fast fashion mentality.

Sticking to two classic collections allows us to explore genuine creativity. At Sonia Petroff, we want to focus on what each collection truly symbolises, what it means for our brand and how we can minimise waste and overconsumption in our supply chain.

What about imagination and appreciation?

Making the switch to fewer but more meaningful purchases can also promote a true appreciation of artistry and craftsmanship amongst consumers. An awareness of the role of each person in the supply chain and consideration of the processes, materials and time it takes to create a piece will only mean it is treasured for longer. Making an investment into something that stands the test of time against fads and trends means there is the opportunity to let the imagination run wild, finding new ways to wear your favourite piece and pushing the boundaries of versatility.

Using specifically trained artists based in the heart of Tuscany to handcraft our collections means we know exactly where each of our favourite pieces come from. Sonia Petroff customers can trust in the authenticity of our stones and materials and experience genuine craftsmanship in every purchase.

Changing mindsets

The last few years have seen a wave of change sweeping through the fashion industry, powered by real truths about the implication on the planet and people. Sustainable principles are at the heart of everything that Sonia Petroff stands for; we focus on creating beautiful, timeless jewellery that offers real value to our customers. We believe that investing in high-end pieces produced by those businesses rejecting the principles of fast fashion will encourage consumers to make fewer purchases that mean so much more. Celebrate the skills of artists, appreciate the materials and add a real treasure to your collection.

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