Make every outfit a statement. Our luxury belts, featured in Vogue, Tatler, Elle, and Vanity Fair, are handmade by talented artisans in Italy, are expertly crafted to stand the test of time....

Here, you’ll find handcrafted belts for any occasion — from thin belts perfect for adding a finishing touch to your day dress to statement belts adorned with nature-inspired motifs and buckles. Go bold with a vintage-style rope belt or opt for the unrivalled quality of a classic handmade leather belt.

When Maria Leoni-Sceti, the niece-in-law of Sonia Petroff, first launched the brand, she knew belts would be central to her initial capsule collection. Through her creativity and determination, she has successfully channelled Sonia’s vision into our current costume belts collection.

Explore our exquisite array of exclusive designer belts for women. Bursting with the vibrancy and glamour of the Italian Riviera, our handmade leather and silk-cord belts blend unapologetic femininity with timeless sophistication.

Drawing on the beauty found in nature, our fine Italian leather belts are adorned with golden-clad creatures, such as lobsters, scarabs, and dragonfish. We pay impeccable attention to detail when designing our handmade belt buckles — selecting stones, motifs, and metals that add meaning to each piece. If you’re looking for a belt that exudes originality, take a look at our exuberant silk-cord luxury belts featuring opulent gems, vivid colours, and premium 24-carat gold overlays.

Our luxury costume belts are sustainably made to the highest quality. More than anything, we wanted to create our designer belts for women to enjoy wearing again and again. These belts not only transcend the seasons but transcend the years.